The Number 1 MMA Director in the World


MMA Director Bobby Razak
MMA Director Bobby Razak


Bobby Razak is recognized universally as The Number One MMA Director in the World. 

As a life long martial artist and admirer of great films, Bobby Razak married his twin passions to ultimately become recognized as The Number One MMA Director in the World.   He is The Founder of TapOut Films and is recognized as the first director exclusively focused on the world of Mixed Martial Arts.  He had his break out film “Rites of Passage: The Rebirth of Combat Sports” way back in 2001 long before Mixed Martial Arts was recognized as a mainstream sport.

Bobby’s career as a Mixed Martial Arts Director grew along with the progression of MMA into mainstream consciousness. He founded TapOut films and directs compelling and visually stunning Mixed Martial Arts scenes designed to show the visual beauty of Mixed Martial Arts and Combat Sports. With his work with TapOut Films he has filmed some of the most exciting action sports commercials, featuring the most interesting characters of the MMA world including; the late Mask Lewis, Ryan Bader, Shane Carwin,  Josh Kosheck, Ben Henderson, Donald Cerrone, The Ruffo Brothers, Pat Barry, Robert Drysdale and countless others.

Besides commerical advertising, no one in the world has directed more feature films about Mixed Martial Arts and Combat Sports than Bobby. From “Sangre Nueva” featuring Cain Velasquez, Gilbert Melendez, Miguel Torres and Jacob “Stitch” Duran to his work on “The Striking Truth”, an in depth documentary feature film on George St. Pierre and David Loiseau, Razak finds the emotional connection to fighters personal lives, that we as fans dont usually get.  Mix this with the beautiful and striking cinematography done on the combat scenes and you have a winning recipe for lovers of Mixed Martial Arts everywhere.

“Bobby Razak brings the work ethic, passion and heart of an MMA Champion to his directing. It’s no wonder that he is considered the number one MMA director in the world.  We have worked together on many successful projects in the past and I look forward to working with him on many more in the future.”

-Entertainment and MMA Attorney, John Fagerholm,


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